Driving tests

Driver theory test
In order to obtain a learner permit in Ireland you may be required to complete a driver theory test. Find out more.

Driving tests in Ireland
Driver testing in Ireland consists of an oral test and a practical test of skills. It's a compulsory requirement to sit the test before you can obtain a third or subsequent learner permit.

Driving tests for drivers with disabilities
All drivers (including drivers with a disability) are required to undergo a practical test of their driving skills. Find out more about driving tests for drivers with disabilities.

Motorcycle training courses
When you obtain your first learner permit you must complete initial basic training before you can ride your motorcycle on the road unsupervised by your instructor.

Motorcycle driving tests
All motorcyclists in Ireland who have been issued with two 2-year learner permit must undergo a driving test.

Appealing your driving test results
It is possible to appeal the results of your driving test. Find out about the law on this area and read about what will happen in court on the day of the hearing.