Buying or selling a vehicle

Buying a new car
Read about your consumer rights and what you need to do when you buy a new car.
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Buying a used car
Buying a used car can be a good option because they are usually cheaper and lose their value slower than new cars. Find out about your rights and what you need to know before buying a used car.
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Change of vehicle ownership
If you sell your car, the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport must be informed.

Importing a vehicle into Ireland
Find out how to import your car and other motor vehicles into Ireland, and if you are liable to pay Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT).
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Renting a car
Normally consumers have no problems renting vehicles but there are ways to minimise any risk of car hire problems, these are described here.
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How to dispose of an end-of-life vehicle
An end-of-life vehicle is a car or light vehicle that is ready to go to the scrapyard. There are laws in place to stop ELVs from creating an environmental hazzard, and to promote recycling.