Social welfare payments and work

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
If you are getting certain social welfare payments, there are supports to help you become self-employed. Find out about the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme.

Disability payments and work
Information on how work or training can affect your disability payment and any extra benefits you are getting.

Jobseeker's Allowance and work
Explains how your income from work and your spouse's income from work can affect your rate of Jobseeker's Allowance.
This document is in: Means test for social welfare payments

Jobseeker's Benefit and work
You may be able to work and get Jobseeker's Benefit. This document explains how work affects your Jobseeker's Benefit.

Help with low pay
Tax and social welfare assistance is available for low income earners and their families. Information on available schemes and how to apply.

Self-employed and unemployment
If your business has closed, or if you are self-employed but have less work and less income than before, you may qualify for a social welfare payment.
This document is in: Unemployed people

Voluntary work and social welfare payments
If you want to keep your social welfare payment and do some voluntary work, you must follow the rules set down by the Department of Social Protection.
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Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme
The Part-Time Job Incentive (PTJI) Scheme allows certain long-term unemployed people to take up part-time work and get a special weekly allowance instead of their jobseeker’s payment.

Short-Term Enterprise Allowance
This scheme provides a weekly payment to certain people who have lost their job and want to start their own business.