Getting around in Ireland

Overview Document There are many ways to get around when you return to Ireland. Here is information on public transport, taxis, driving, cycling and more.

Getting motor insurance on your return to Ireland
Information on buying car insurance after you return to Ireland - using your claims-free driving experience from abroad and what to do when you are refused insurance cover.

Converting your driving licence to an Irish driving licence
How to exchange a driving licence issued in another country for an Irish driving licence, including information on the fees and a list of recognised exchange countries.
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Buying a new car
There are a number of public services associated with buying a new car. What should you know about tax, insurance and registering your new car?
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Taxsaver Commuter Ticket Scheme
The TaxSaver Commuter Ticket Scheme, which involves employers providing employees with bus and rail commuter tickets, allows employees to benefit from reduced tax, PRSI and USC payments and for employers to benefit from reduced PRSI payments.
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Bus services
Public bus transport services offer services on a wide range of routes throughout the country.
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Rail services
Public transport rail services are operated by Iarnrod Eireann, a State company. Information about services, routes, fares and accessibility.
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Luas tram system
Information on the Luas Light Rail Transit system
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Learning to drive
A step by step guide to learning to drive, from passing your theory test to getting your full driving licence.
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