Checklist of documents needed when applying for a student grant

When your make your online application for a student grant, SUSI will make a provisional assessment. You will either get a provisional grant approval or be told that you are not eligible. Along with the provisional approval you will get a personalised list of documents that you need to provide in support of your application. It is advisable to start assembling these documents early, as there can be delays in obtaining some of them. You should submit photocopied documents only but keep the originals safe as you may be asked to produce them later.

The Department of Education encourages students to apply for grants as soon as possible so that applications can be processed in good time.

If your family income* is below certain income limits (depending on the size of the family) you may be eligible for a grant. You must give details of the family income when applying online. The documents you will be asked for later are proof of the family income and they generally relate to the previous year. For example, if you are applying for a student grant for the year 2017-2018 you will need a P60 and/or statement of social welfare income for the year 2016.

*If you are an independent mature candidate living separately from your parents on 1 October of the year before your application, you are assessed on your own income. You will need evidence of where you lived from 1 October of the year before your application.

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) handles all new applications since 2012-13 on and will post out personal document lists along with provisional grant approvals. (Renewals of existing grants will be handled by the authority that issued them initially.)

The table below lists the main documents required. Depending on your own circumstances, you may need extra documents - these will be listed when you get your provisional approval. Do not send any documentation unless requested to do so by SUSI.

Section Main documents required (see guidance notes for more)
Personal information, nationality and place of residence

Long form of birth certificate (if born in Ireland)

If not born in Ireland, a certified copy of your passport, your national identity card or similar document

Evidence that you were legally resident in Ireland for 3 of the 5 years before the course starts (see guidance notes for more detail)

Independent mature candidates require proof of living apart from their parents on 1 October of the previous year, such as a utility bill, registration with the PRTB or a letter from a Government department.

Income from employment or non-social welfare pension

P21 PAYE balancing statement

P60 for each employment

If applicable, P45
Letter from employer or pension scheme administrator

Payslips for employment outside term time in 2016

Income from all social welfare payments A written statement from the Department of Social Protection which includes name of recipient, name of scheme, amount received and date the payment started and if applicable, date the payment stopped
Income from self-employment including farming Copy of accounts for each business
Computation of profit/(loss) for income tax
Notice of assessment
Copy of receipt from a PRSA or Retirement Annuity provider
Rent and other income from land and property Copy of accounts for each business
Computation of profit/(loss) for income tax
Notice of assessment
Income from maintenance, separation/divorce agreements

Maintenance agreement, stating amount received each month

P21 PAYE Balancing Statement or Notice of Assessment for 2016

Evidence of maintenance payments and any bills etc. covered as part of the agreement

Disposal of assets Completed Disposal of Assets and Rights table for 2016

Page edited: 11 April 2017