Checklist guide to redundancy procedures

It is important to be aware of your options and entitlements in a redundancy situation. This checklist aims to provide a quick guide to the procedures involved in redundancy and your entitlements.

Redundancy procedure Entitlement and points to check
Notice of redundancy At least 2 weeks' notice giving date of termination of employment
Qualifying for redundancy At least 2 years' continuous service with employer, see more about who qualifies for redundancy here
Offer of alternative work It should be a reasonable offer. (Note: if you refuse a reasonable offer you may lose your entitlement to redundancy payment)
Lay off or short time If in a lay-off or short-time situation you may claim redundancy payment on form RP9 (pdf).
Number of redundancies Whether all or just some of the employees
Selection for redundancy

If you are unfairly selected for redundancy, or if you think that a genuine redundancy does not exist, you may be able to claim unfair dismissal. (However, if your employer decides that your work will be done in a different way and you are not trained or qualified to do the work in that way, this would be a genuine redundancy.)

If it is a collective redundancy Information should be provided by employer at least 30 days before dismissal.
Redundancy payment Just the statutory entitlement or can more be negotiated with employer?
Amount of statutory redundancy pay You can use the worksheet Calculating your redundancy payment here or the online redundancy calculator
Time off to look for work During last 2 weeks before termination of employment
Leaving before the termination of employment Give your employer a completed Form RP6 (pdf).
Date of termination of employment Employer gives you your lump-sum redundancy payment.
No redundancy payment given

You should apply to your employer for it. If your employer still refuses to pay it, you can apply to the Department of Social Protection for direct payment from the Social Insurance Fund.

Dispute about redundancy Within 12 months make claim to the Workplace Relations Commission using the online complaint form available on

More information available

Read about redundancy procedures here or contact the Workplace Relations Commission Information and Customer Service.

Page edited: 30 October 2019