At what age can I?
When can you leave school? When can you drive a car? This document tells you when you can leave school, start driving, as well as when you can do many other things.

Checklist for a non-EEA national living outside Ireland who is marrying an Irish national in Ireland
Describes the steps to be taken by a non-EEA national who is living outside Ireland and plans to marry an Irish national in Ireland.

Checklist for carers
Quick links to entitlements and payments for carers

Checklist for people with disabilities and long-term illness
Quick reference guide to services and entitlements for people with disabilities or long-term illnesses and their families and carers

Checklist of things to do following a bereavement
It can be difficult to deal with the many things that have to be done when someone close to you dies. This checklist will help you to avoid overlooking the key items.

Checklist of where my possessions are kept
Knowing where your personal possessions and valuable documents are kept, can be very useful. Use this checklist to record where your possessions and important documents are kept

Checklist when appealing a social welfare decision
Outlines the stages involved in an appeal. Explains what to do at each stage of an appeal.

Checklist when applying for carer's leave
Describes the different procedures involved when you are applying for carer's leave.

Checklist when shopping online
A list of items to be aware of when you shop online.

Checklist: Unemployed people
Quick links to useful documents around unemployment

Checklist: childcare
Quicklinks to useful documents about childcare

Checklist: entitlements for older people
Quick links to entitlements and services for older people

Checklist: information for self-employed people
Quicklinks to useful documents about self-employment

Checklist: parenting alone
Quick links to the main supports, services and entitlements if you are parenting alone

Checklist: school leavers
A checklist providing an overview of education, employment and other options for school leavers.

Complaint checklist
When you buy goods or services in Ireland or another EU Member State you are protected by consumer legislation. If your consumer rights are not being honoured you will need to complain and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do if something goes wrong.

Glossary of employment terms
A list of the terms used in employment law with a short explanation of what they mean

Glossary of immigration terms
A list of specific immigration terms with a brief explanation of what they mean.