Case study: Dependant/Partner/Spousal Employment Permit

Alice is 18 years old and came to Ireland last year from the Philippines with her father who is employed on a Critical Skills Employment Permit. She has been looking for work and found a position in a local shop. The shop owner looked into getting an employment permit for Alice but have told her that it is too expensive for them to organise the employment permit for her. Alice was very disappointed and went to her local Citizens Information Centre to get more information about employment permits and her options.

In fact, because Alice’s father is already working in Ireland on a Critical Skills Employment Permit, Alice is eligible for a Dependant/Partner/Spousal (DPS) Employment Permit. There is no fee for this permit and the employer does not have to advertise the role to see if an Irish or EEA citizen is available. Alice told her potential employer this and they offered her the job. Alice got a DPS employment permit and started work in the local shop. Now that Alice is working, employment protection legislation applies to her in the same way that it applies to all other workers in Ireland.

Page edited: 23 September 2019