Residence rights in Ireland

I am a Lithuanian national living and working in Dublin. I went to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) to get a residence permit but was told that I don't need one. Is this true?

Yes, this is correct. EU nationals do not need a residence permit in order to live and work in Ireland. You can find out more about residence rights of EU/EEA nationals.

I am an Irish citizen living in France with my Russian same-sex partner. I am moving back to Ireland to work. Is it possible for me to bring my partner to live with me in Ireland?

Yes and this right is set down in law. Under EU Regulations if you can establish that you have been living together as a couple for at least the last 2 years, your partner can apply to be recognised as a “permitted family member” after you both arrive in the State. As a citizen of a visa-required country, your partner will need to apply for a visa before travelling to Ireland.

I am a South African woman, married to a German citizen and working in Germany at present. Do I have a right to live and work in Ireland?

Under EU Regulations, you may accompany your husband if he is moving to Ireland to work. If he is not moving to Ireland, you are not entitled to live and work here unless you have an employment permit, as you are not a citizen of an EU or EEA member state.

I am an Irish citizen. If I marry my Chinese girlfriend in China, can she come to live with me in Ireland?

As a Chinese citizen, your future wife will need a visa to come to Ireland. She must apply online for a visa. She will have to provide detailed documentation to back up the application.

I am an Australian married to an Irish citizen and living in Cork. Can my Australian father come to live with us? He is on an Australian state pension.

If your father can show that he can support himself in Ireland and if he has private health insurance, he may come and live in Ireland with you.

I have been living and working in Ireland on a work permit for the past 4 years. When can I apply for long-term residence?

If you have worked for 5 consecutive years on a employment permit, you will no longer need an employment permit and you will be given a stamp 4 permission to remain for a year. You may apply for long-term residency which is an extended residence permission for a further 5 years.

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