Introduction to the Irish System

Overview Document What is the social welfare system in Ireland? How is it organised and who can apply for social welfare benefits? This document provides an overview of the system and includes links to more information.
This document is in: Irish social welfare system

This document provides an overview of housing in Ireland.

Health care for new residents
Outline of health care services in Ireland, including public and private health care, and health insurance.

Tax in Ireland
An overview of income tax and other taxes in Ireland.

Moving your children to primary school
Introduces the system of education in Ireland at primary level and information describes the procedures involved in enrolling a child in primary school.

Moving your children to secondary school
Different schooling options available in the secondary school system in Ireland and outlines the state examination system.

Moving to Ireland and your social security entitlements
This document discusses your social welfare entitlements if you move to Ireland from abroad.

Political system at national level
This description of the way in which the political system operates at mational level includes an outline of the Oireachtas. It also contains an explanation of the political terms used.

Political system at local level
The role and responsibility of local authorities and overview of local government system at county/city level and at sub-county level.