Opening a bank account
Find out about how to open a bank account.

Credit unions
Credit unions are organisations of people that save together and lend to each other at affordable rates of interest.

Proof of identity to open a bank account
Before you open an account in a financial institution, you must show certain evidence of identity.

Dormant accounts
The Dormant Accounts Acts aim to reunite account holders or their next of kin with dormant bank accounts. Find out more.

Money laundering
Money laundering is a very serious offence. This document looks at the steps that have been taken to combat this crime.

Bank overdrafts
How to apply for an overdraft from a financial institution and what to do if you experience difficulty in paying back an overdraft.
This document is in: Loans and credit

Basic bank accounts
Basic bank accounts are simple bank accounts with no fees or charges for normal services. This document gives information on the introduction of basic bank accounts.

Rounding of cash transactions
Rounding of cash transactions was rolled out on 28 October 2015. An explanation of how rounding works.

Switching your bank account
Find out how to switch your bank account to a different bank.