Victims of crime and the courts


If you have been the victim of crime, you may have contact with the courts system. You may be a witness at the trial of your case or you simply wish to attend and watch the trial.

For many victims, going to court can be a daunting and distressing experience. A number of support systems have been introduced to encourage and support victims and to protect them from intimidation.


  • Support services available to victims of crime includes a Victim Support at Court service, which gives you the victim or witness to a crime support, encouragement and companionship of trained volunteers when you are attending court
  • The court can provide the use of Video Link for young (under 17) child victims giving evidence in serious sexual or violent crime cases and for vulnerable or intimidated witnesses.
  • The court can take into account the impact on you when sentencing an offender who has committed serious sexual and/or violent offences
  • The court can allow you, if you wish, to give evidence about the effect (pdf) of a serious sexual and/or violent offence on you.
  • The Courts Service provides accommodation and facilities for you and your family in new and refurbished court buildings

How to apply

If you are not treated by the court offices with efficiency, courtesy and fairness, you may refer the matter to a Customer Service Officer of the Courts Service. Your complaint will then be investigated on your behalf. More information is available in the Courts Service Victims Charter (pdf).

Where to apply

Courts Service

Customer Service

Phoenix House
15/24 Phoenix Street North
Dublin 7

Tel: +353 (0)1 8886000

Page edited: 28 July 2015