Law enforcement

Garda Síochána - national police force
The Garda Síochána is the national police force. It has responsibility for carrying out all policing duties in the State.

Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission
The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission or Garda Ombudsman is an independent agency that deals with complaints from the public about members of the Gardaí.

Reporting a crime
If you are a victim of a crime you should contact the Gardai. Find out how to report a crime.

Crowd control at public events in Ireland
There are laws in place designed to give the Gardai (Irish police force) clear and comprehensive legal powers to deal with crowd control.

Anti-social behaviour by adults
The Criminal Justice Act 2006 has provisions dealing with anti-social behaviour by adults. These provisions allow gardaí to deal with anti-social behaviour through a civil process using behaviour warnings and orders or ASBOs.

Adult Cautioning Scheme
The Adult Cautioning Scheme can be an alternative to prosecution for certain offences where a caution is considered to be in the public interest.

Restriction on movement orders
The courts can impose restrictions on the movements of those convicted of some minor offences as an alternative to imposing a custodial sentence. Find out when they are used here.