Law and rights

Fundamental rights under the Irish Constitution
The Irish Constitution recognises and declares that you have certain fundamental personal rights. These are confirmed and protected by the Constitution.
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This document describes how laws are made by the Oireachtas (the Irish parliament).
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European laws
The fundamental laws of the European Union are set out in the Treaties. Find out how the institutions of the EU also have the power to make new laws.
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Appealing rights under EU law
An outline of how your rights are safeguarded under EU law and the various European institutions involved
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Access to Garda records
Under data protection legislation you have the right to access personal information which the GardaĆ­ hold on you, except in certain circumstances. Find out how to access your information.

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
The Commission promotes and protects human rights and equality. In some cases, it can assist you to further human rights issues by assisting with legal proceedings.

Judicial review of public decisions
Public decisions may be judicially reviewed by the High Court to determine whether they are illegal. Find out how to initiate judicial review proceedings.
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