Crime and crime prevention

Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourbood Watch is a crime prevention programme in Ireland that aims to get local communities involved in observing and reporting suspicious activities.

Community Alert
The Community Alert programme is a community-based crime prevention, care and safety programme which aims to improve the quality of life for people in rural communities.

Seniors Alert Scheme
The Seniors Alert Scheme provides support to older people to enable them to continue to live securely in their homes.

Students on campus - crime prevention
Measures that students in Ireland can take to avoid becoming a victim of crime while they are on campus.

Safety advice when motoring
Basic precautions and advice motorists in Ireland can take, to avoid becoming the victims of crime.

Visitors to Ireland - crime prevention
Precautions that visitors to Ireland can take, to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Human trafficking
Human trafficking is the transport of people for exploitation. There is a campaign to help make people aware of it and know what to do about it.

Reporting drug dealing
Dial to Stop Drug Dealing is an initiative to tackle drug dealing by providing a confidential and completely anonymous way to report drug dealing activity.