Probate Office


The Probate Office in Ireland deals with non-contentious probate issues.

The Probate Office:

  • Admits wills to proof
  • Issues grants of probate and administration
  • Preserves probate records for inspection
  • Provides certified copies of probate documents.
  • Processes court applications to the judge assigned to deal with probate matters

Read more about probate issues in the context of dealing with a deceased person's estate and find out what happens to the deceased's estate if no will is made.

Structure of the Probate Office

The Probate Office consists of 4 public offices:

  • General Office: responsible for maintaining records of all grants of representation which have issued and for providing copies of probate documents. This office has the greatest amount of contact with the general public.
  • Seat Office: assess applications for grants of probate or administration lodged by solicitors and their agents.
  • Rules Office: responsible for searching records to ensure that there is no impediment to issuing the grant of representation. Citations, caveats, subpoenas, court motions and Probate Office motions are issued and filed in the Rules office. Court Orders from the Probate Court list, Probate Officer's Orders and Side Bar Orders made pursuant to the Rules of Court issue from the Rules office. This office also deals with requests received by post for copies of probate documents.
  • Probate Personal Applications Section: enquiries about personal applications may be made by email to You can obtain Personal Applications, Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration by instructing a solicitor or by application in person to the Probate Office or the District Probate Registry for the county where the deceased lived.

Further information about the workings of the Probate Office and the charges involved for grants and searches is available from the Court Service website.

Further information

If you are the executor or have been appointed an administrator of an estate and the estate is not complicated, you can make a personal application to the Personal Application Section of the Principal Probate Registry in Dublin, or to one of the 14 District Probate Registries around the country.

District Probate Registries are under the control of County Registrars and have authority to issue grants of representation where the deceased at the time of his/her death had a fixed place of abode within the area of jurisdiction of the District Registry.

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