Office of Wards of Court


The High Court may provide wardship to a person who, whether by reason of mental capacity or infancy, is deemed by the court to be incapable of managing his/her affairs for him/herself. The purpose of wardship of the court is to protect the person and his/her property.

The Office of Wards of Court:

  • is responsible for the supervision of the affairs of persons taken into the wardship of the High Court,
  • provides support to the President of the High Court, the judge responsible for wardship matters,
  • supervises the activities of the persons (known as committees or, in the case of minors, guardians) who are given responsibility for the day to day management of a ward's affairs,
  • registers enduring powers of attorney.

Further information

Further information is available from the Office of Wards of Court in the

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Page edited: 3 September 2020