Office of the High Court - the Central Office


The Central Office

  • provides administrative support to the judges and to the Master of the High Court
  • processes family and civil law proceedings from initiation to completion
  • issues orders of the High Court and the Supreme Court
  • circulates written judgements delivered by judges of the High Court
  • enters default judgements,
  • deals with the registration of judgements of the High Court, Circuit Court and District Court,
  • issues execution orders, orders for committal and orders for possession,
  • deals with the enrollment of certain legal instruments including deeds poll (whereby a person can change his/her name), powers of attorney and bills of sale
  • issues subpoenas to compel witnesses to attend at trial
  • employs Court Registrars to prepare and manage court lists, sit in court with the judge and draw up the formal orders made by the court

Further information

Further information is available from the Central Office of the High Court.

Page edited: 7 April 2015