Civil law

Personal Injuries Assessment
Ireland's PIAB decides on personal injury claims where the person responsible for the injury is not disputing liability and consents to the Board assessing the claim for compensation.

Small claims and a court hearing
If your small claims procedure case cannot be resolved it may be referred for a hearing in the District Court.

Taking and appealing a civil case
An introduction to the issues and procedures involved in a civil case?

Negligence and compensation in a civil case
An outline of the concepts of negligence and compensation in civil cases is presented.

The law on defamation in Ireland
You can take legal action against a person or corporation who makes a ‘defamatory statement’ to another person.

Representation in court
When do you require legal representation and who represents you in court?

Legal fees and costs for civil cases
Explains what fees and costs means in a civil case.

Writs and pleadings
This document provides a general overview of writs and pleadings in civil cases.

District Court procedures
A claim notice is used to commence proceedings in the District Court. Find out more about the forms that are used and the procedures that are followed.

Circuit Court procedures
A Civil Bill is a document that you must serve on the defendant in order to commence proceedings in the Circuit Court. Find out more

High Court procedures
An originating summons is a summons that usually commences civil proceedings in the High Courti. Find our more

Mediation and settlement of claims
This document describes how claims are settled in civil cases.

Proceedings in civil court cases
Civil court cases follow a standard format. Information on proceedings, how witnesses are called and liability.

Commissioners for Oaths
Functions, responsibilities and duties of Commissioners for Oaths are described and an explanation of the services they provide in Ireland is provided.

Peace Commissioners
Peace Commissioners in Ireland have legal functions and are honorary appointments. How to apply or nominate someone as a Peace Commissioner.

Notaries public
A notary public serves the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business

Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland
The Gambling Regulatory Authority will be the new body responsible for the regulation of the gambling industry.