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How information is organised

This website is divided into 14 information categories. Each category is further organised into sub-categories and documents.

On the homepage we list all of the main information categories, along some of the more popular documents from those categories.

If you click the category title on the homepage, or from the 'Categories' dropdown in the navigation bar, you can see the subcategories within that main category.

Special documents

Certain documents are indicated with a special icon. These are:

  • Overview documents
  • Life Event documents

How documents are organised

Each page has a general section which gives you the information to answer most queries.

Some documents will have links to other relevant material such as case studies, checklists or worksheets.

Other options associated with information pages are:

  • the 'Print-ready Page' icon will display a page which is optimised for printing
  • the 'Related Documents' section on the right-hand side of the website allows you to see other documents that might be of interest to you.

Other ways to find information

You can also sort information using:

  • an alphabetical list of document titles
  • a list of 'My Situation' documents - these are documents that relate to people in a particular situation or who wish to find information on a specific topic
  • a listing by document type, for example, reference documents


By using the language tool, you can switch the default language for the site or view content in another language. All content is available in English and most in Irish, while certain key documents are available in French, Romanian, and Polish. This tool appears on all pages, and will list the languages in which the information is available.


If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds whenever you see the RSS icon.


You can search using the search bar wherever you are on the website.

Finding a Citizens Information Centre

The 'Find a Centre' section of the website lists all the main Citizens Information Centres around the country and also the outreach locations associated with those centres.

Finding Addresses

'Find an Address' gives links to the contact details of a wide range of service providers.

Keeping up to date

The "What's New" section links highlights topical issues, changes to the site, events, and other areas of relevance.

Mobile site

Citizens Information has been designed to be responsive to different devices including smartphones and tablets.

Page edited: 24 November 2015