Home owners

Management companies for apartment blocks
An owners' management company must be set up before the developer of an apartment block sells any units.

Renting out a room in your home
Rent-a-room relief makes it possible to earn tax-free rental income when you rent out a room in your home to private tenants.

Ground rent on property
Ground rent is payable on certain properties. What is ground rent? How to buy out ground rent on your property.

Switching your mortgage
This page includes information on switching your mortgage to a new lender, including how to switch your mortgage, what happens after you switch and what to do if something goes wrong when switching.

Rights of way
A right of way allows you to travel over land that belongs to someone else. This document describes public and private rights of way, as well as how to establish and register a right of way.

Family and shared homes
What is the difference between a family home and a shared home? Can my partner sell our home if we break up?
This document is in: Separation, divorce and dissolution

Property rights of cohabiting couples
This page explains the property rights of cohabiting couples, for example, in relation to buying a home together, making a cohabitation agreement, applying for local authority housing, and getting legal advice.
This document is in: Cohabiting couples

Property rights and the breakdown of a relationship
This page explains whether spouses and cohabiting partners have any property rights following the breakdown of their relationship.
This document is in: Problems in marriages and other relationships

Renting your property for short-term lets
Information about the tax implications and planning rules if you are renting your property or a room in your property to visitors for short-term lets.