Transferring to another local authority home in the same area


If you have a local authority home and want to move to a different one in the same local authority area, you can register for a transfer on your local authority’s transfer list.

To qualify for the transfer list, you may have to meet a number of criteria, such as not having any rent arrears. The criteria you must meet to qualify for the transfer list are usually outlined in the local authority’s housing allocations scheme, which is generally published on its website.

You may also be able to arrange a private transfer by finding someone who wants to swap their home with yours. This must not result in any overcrowding and the local authority must give its permission.

You can also arrange a private transfer with someone from a different local authority, as long as the accommodation is suitable and the 2 local authorities agree.

How to apply

Contact the Housing Department of your local authority.

Page edited: 27 November 2020