Mental health

Overview Document An overview of the mental health category, including links to documents on mental health services, community care, and the Mental Health Act 2001.

Mental health services
An outline of mental health services, treatment options, and a list of medical professionals involved in mental heath care.

Mental health professionals
This document describes the roles and functions of mental health professionals.

Admission to a psychiatric hospital
There are certain rules about voluntary and involuntary admissions to psychiatric hospitals and units.

Rights of psychiatric patients
Patients in psychiatric hospitals have important rights that are set down by law. Find out about these rights and how to appeal against detention.

Mental Health Commission
The primary function of the Mental Health Commission is to ensure high standards in mental health services throughout the country.

Inspector of Mental Health Services
This document describes the Inspector of Mental Health Services who is appointed under the Mental Health Act 2001.

Mental Health Act 2001
The Mental Health Act 2001 introduced important changes to rules about admission to psychiatric hospitals, monitoring and regulation of hospitals and legal rights of patients.