Boarding out of older people


The Health Service Executive (HSE) may make arrangements for the boarding out of dependent people in a private house and for payment for all or part of the costs. The Boarding Out Scheme is not available in all areas.


The HSE must satisfy itself that the house is suitable for the person to be boarded out and that the householder is a fit person to look after the person in question. The householder must provide suitable and sufficient care, nutritious and varied food, and adequate attendance, having regard to the needs of the person. He or she must also respect the privacy of the person boarded out. Not more than six people can be boarded out in one house. Regulations set out standards as to accommodation, cleanliness, safety and other related matters.

The HSE pays the householder an amount of not more than half the weekly rate of State Pension (Non-Contributory) payable at the time. In addition, the person boarded out must pay an amount as agreed with the HSE and the householder.


A person boarded out (or somebody acting on his or her behalf) may make a complaint to the Local Health Office in relation to any matter concerning the residence or the maintenance, care and welfare of the person.

Page edited: 7 August 2018