Hepatitis C and the Health Amendment Act Card


There are special arrangements within the health services for people who have contracted Hepatitis C from Human Immunoglobulin-Anti-D or another blood product or blood transfusion in Ireland. They are entitled to services such as GP, nursing and home help services as well as counselling services, regardless of their income. These services are covered by the Health Amendment Act Card (HAA Card).

Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme

The Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme provides access to life assurance, mortgage protection and travel insurance for people infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV because they were given contaminated blood or blood products.

Under this scheme a person requiring insurance will pay the average basic premium which an uninfected person of the same age and gender would pay. The scheme pays the additional premiums levied or covers the additional risks that would otherwise prevent a policy being taken out.

The Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme is set up under the Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal (Amendment) Act (No.22) of 2006 (pdf).


If you have contracted Hepatitis C directly or indirectly through the administration in Ireland of Human Immunoglobulin-Anti-D or another blood product or a blood transfusion, you can apply for a Health Amendment Act (HAA) Card.

The HAA Card entitles you to the following services, free of charge.

This is an individual entitlement for the person with Hepatitis C. However, dependants are entitled to a free counselling in respect of Hepatitis C.

These counselling services are provided by private practitioners, by arrangement between you and the Health Service Executive (HSE).

You are entitled to these services free of charge even if you require them for non-Hepatitis C-related illnesses. All GPs are eligible to provide services. You do not have to choose a GP who is part of the Primary Care Re-imbursement Service.

Home support services can be provided by the home help service in the HSE. If you are considered to be in need of home help services, the HSE may provide the service directly or you may make your own arrangements. If you make your own arrangements, you are the employer of the home help and you are responsible for your employee's PRSI and Tax. The HSE pays a contribution to the costs involved.

Dental, ophthalmic and aural services are provided on broadly the same basis for medical card holders. However, there are more favourable arrangements for HAA Card holders.

You can get hearing aids and aural services by arrangement with the HSE.

The HSE arranges for the supply of medical and surgical appliances that are not available from a pharmacist.

How to apply

To apply for a HAA Card contact your Hepatitis C Liaison Officer in your Local Health Office or the National Hepatitis C Office.

Your entitlement to these services lasts for life. Further details on entitlements and how to access them will be provided by the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer in your Local Health Office. Entitlements are also set out in the Information Guide to Primary Care and Hospital Services (pdf).

Further details on entitlements and how to access them and a leaflet on living with Hepatitis C (pdf) can from be found on the website of the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C. You can find more information about issues related to Hepatitis C on hepinfo.ie.

Where to apply

Further information on Hepatitis C and Health Amendment Act Cards is available from:

National Hepatitis C Office

Health Service Executive,
Mill Lane,
Dublin 20

Tel: (01) 620 1750 or (01) 620 1712

Irish Haemophilia Society

1st Floor
Cathedral Court
New Street
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 657 9900
Fax: (01) 657 9901

Irish Kidney Association

Donor House
Block 43A
Park West
Dublin 12

Tel: (01) 620 5306
Locall: 1890 543 639
Fax: (01) 620 5366

Transfusion Positive

Fitzwilliam Business Centre
26 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.
Tel: (01) 234 3740

Information in connection with the Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme is available from:

Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme

Health Service Executive
Mill Lane
Dublin 20

Tel: (01) 620 1660
Locall: 1850 211 570
Page edited: 23 August 2018