Civil Defence


Civil Defence is a volunteer-based organization with 4,500 members. It supports the front line emergency services as well as assisting local communities.

The Civil Defence Branch of the Department of Defence is responsible for the management and development of Civil Defence at national level. It provides policy direction, centralised training through the Civil Defence College, administrative support and guidance, and centralised procurement of major items.

Civil Defence services are delivered through the Civil Defence Officer of the relevant local authority for that area. The Civil Defence Officer is responsible for the day-to-day management of Civil Defence matters under the overall direction of the relevant local authority chief executive.


Civil Defence supports the frontline emergency services in dealing with severe weather, flooding, major accidents, fire fighting and searching for missing people. It also supports community events throughout the year.

Information on the services provided by Civil Defence is available at

How to apply

You can request information on becoming a Civil Defence volunteer, or have a member of Civil Defence contact you, using an online Enrolment Enquiry form.

If an organisation or group wants the assistance of Civil Defence in the running of an event, they should apply to the Civil Defence Officer in their local authority.

Where to apply

Volunteers join Civil Defence through the local authority for their area.

Civil Defence Headquarters

E53 CY80

Tel: (0505) 25310
Page edited: 14 November 2016