Environmental protection

Noise pollution
The rules as regards the control of noise, the various bodies responsible and how to complain about excessive noise

Littering and dumping
What is litter pollution and what are the penalties?

Dealing with asbestos
Asbestos can release dangerous dust if it is disturbed. It should only be dealt with by specialists, using protective equipment and strict safeguards.

Radon gas in buildings
Prolonged exposure to radon gas can lead to lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency gives information on how to reduce dangerous levels of radon in your home.

Climate change
Human activity is causing the Earth's climate to change. This document explains the impacts of climate change and the steps being taken to address it.

Environmental protection of nature and biodiversity
A range of Irish and EU legislation aims to ensure biodiversity by conserving natural habitats and wild fauna and flora.

Pollution prevention and control
Describes EU and Irish law regarding licensing procedures and enforcement of pollution prevention and control measures.

Environmental assessments for projects and plans
The environmental impact of certain projects, plans and programmes must be assessed before they can go ahead. This assessment is done using either an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) .

Air pollution
Outlines the standards required for air quality and the measures taken to prevent air pollution. .

The Tidy Towns competition
Tidy Towns is an annual competition that aims to find Ireland's tidiest town.

GLAS Scheme
Incentives for farmers to protect the environment.
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