Starting a business
Outline of what you need to know if you are thinking of setting up a business.

Becoming self-employed
Information on becoming self-employed as a sole trader and a description of the legalities and tax implications.

Finding information on starting a business
You can get advice on starting a business and becoming self-employed from a range of sources. This page explains where to find information on starting a business, including the organisations and agencies that can help.

Closing a business
Find out about the issues facing a business owner who is considering or facing a business closure or transfer. Information is provided on liquidation, employees and insolvency.

COVID Restrictions Support Scheme
This page is a summary of the COVID Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS).

COVID-19 recovery business supports
This page summarises the supports for businesses as they recover from COVID-19 disruptions.

Self-employed and unemployment
If your business has closed, or if you are self-employed but have less work and less income than before, you may qualify for a social welfare payment.
This document is in: Unemployed people

Supports for businesses going green
This page summarises the supports available to make your business green, sustainable and eco-friendly.