Enforcement and redress

Overview Document Summary of the organisations that help employees to enforce their employment rights.

Enforcement of employment rights legislation
The Inspection and Enforcement Services of the Workplace Relations Commission aim to ensure compliance with employment rights legislation.

Adjudication of employment rights disputes and complaints
If you have a complaint about your employment rights, and you cannot resolve it with your employer, you can complain to the Workplace Relations Commission. Your complaint will be referred to either a mediation officer or an adjudicator.

Appealing a workplace relations decision
The Labour Court is the single appeal body for all workplace relations appeals. Find out how to make an appeal to the Labour Court.

Disputes about equality and discrimination
The Workplace Relations Commission deals with all complaints of discrimination in employment and access to goods and services which come under equality legislation.

Victimisation at work
Some employment legislation protects you from being victimised at work.

Workplace mediation
Workplace mediation provides a simpler and faster way to resolve disputes, conflicts and disagreements in the workplace.

Workplace Relations Commission
The Workplace Relations Commission gives information about your employment rights and it offers meditation, advisory and conciliation services. You can make a complaint about your employment rights to the WRC. It also carries out workplace inspections to make sure that employers comply with employment laws.

Protection for whistleblowers
People who raise concerns about possible wrongdoing in the workplace are protected by the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and the Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022.