Evening classes


Whether you are looking for a sociable way to learn a language or whether you are looking to gain a particular formal qualification, the range of evening classes available throughout Ireland should provide you with what you need.

Evening classes take place during term time in Education and Training Boards (ETBs), schools, colleges and universities throughout the country. The courses on offer vary from centre to centre so it is worth looking around if you have a particular interest you would like to pursue.

In general you need to enrol a few weeks before the course starts. Enrolment takes place around mid September, again in mid-January and, in those centres with a summer term, around mid-March.

Normally, evening classes are advertised locally - for example in your local newspaper, community centre, health centre, school, parish hall, etc. Your local ETB, college and secondary school will be able to give you details on the courses that are on in your area and when they begin. You can also search for local evening further education courses funded by ETB.

Education and Training Boards

Since 2013, Education and Training Boards (ETBs) replaced Vocational Educational Committees (VECs).


The majority of evening classes are unaccredited and, as a result, you will not need any formal qualifications to take part. However, if you are interested in a course that offers a particular qualification, you may be required to have some prior qualification or experience in order to be eligible. Get in touch with the course organisers in advance, to check if there are any academic or professional qualifications required for your course.

The only requirement for most evening classes is that you pay the fee in advance.


Evening classes are generally self-funding so the cost of your course will relate directly to the cost of the materials you will need. As a result, costs may differ greatly from course to course.

How to apply

The ETB usually organises a registration evening where you go along in person, sign up and pay for the course in advance. Contact information for all ETBs.

Where to apply

Apply to the local centre where the course is taking place.
Page edited: 8 July 2019