Going to post-primary school

Life Event Document Describes post-primary education, including how to choose a post-primary school and enrol your child.

Choosing a post-primary school
There are different types of post-primary school. The main difference is in how your school is managed, how it is funded and who owns your school.

Junior Cycle
The first three-year period of second-level education is called the Junior Cycle.

Transition Year
This document describes the Transition Year programme, a one-year, school-based programme between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

Senior Cycle
This document describes the Senior Cycle in post-primary schools.

Special needs education: post-primary
This document describes post-primary education for students with disabilities.

School transport for post-primary students
The Department of Education provides subsidised school transport for eligible post-primary students.

Organisations and resources for second-level schools
A list of organisations and internet resources providing information on education at second-level.