Resources for non-English-speaking pupils


The Department of Education and Skills (DES) provides additional educational resources for pupils who are learning English as an additional language (EAL) in primary and post-primary schools.

Levels of EAL support

Full details of the resources available for EAL support are set out in DES circular 0010/2018 (pdf).

Here is a link to frequently asked questions on Circular 0010/2018 (pdf).

Where at least 20% of the total enrolment of the school is made up of pupils that require EAL support, the Board of Management can lodge an appeal for a review of the proposed allocation for pupils requiring EAL support.

Assessment of language proficiency

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has Primary and Post-Primary Assessment Kits on its website, which can be used to assess non-English-speaking pupils.

Further information

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has published the following guidelines for schools: Intercultural Education in the Primary School (pdf).

The website of the English Language Support Programme has activities related to the Junior Certificate curriculum.

Page edited: 22 February 2018