Leonardo da Vinci Programme 2007-2013


This programme is closed to new applications and has been replaced by Erasmus+.

The Leonardo da Vinci programme is aimed at:

  • People learning in all forms of vocational education and training except at third level
  • People in the labour market
  • Institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities in the fields covered by the Leonardo da Vinci programme
  • Teachers, trainers and other staff within those institutions or organisations
  • Associations and representatives of those involved in vocational education and training, enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life, including chambers of commerce and other trade organisations
  • Bodies providing guidance, counselling and information services relating to any aspect of lifelong learning
  • People and bodies responsible for systems and policies concerning any aspect of vocational education and training at local, regional and national level
  • Research centres and bodies concerned with lifelong learning issues
  • Higher education institutions
  • Non-profit organisations, voluntary bodies, NGOs

The main specific aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve the mobility of people involved in initial vocational education and training and in continuing training,
  • Facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training other than at third level
  • Improve the transparency and recognition of qualifications and competences, including those acquired through non-formal and informal learning
  • Encourage the learning of modern foreign languages

In choosing projects to take part in the programme, priority may be given to those which support people with disabilities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The following are the main activities which may be supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme:

Mobility of individuals: This includes placements of trainees (described as people in initial vocational training – IVT) and people in employment (described as people on the labour market – PLM) in training institutions or enterprises in other participating countries. It also includes placements and exchanges aimed at the further professional development of trainers and guidance counsellors, and at those responsible for training establishments and for training planning and career guidance within enterprises (they are described as people responsible for vocational education and training on a professional level - VETPRO).

People who take part in the programme may be awarded a Europass Mobility document.

Partnerships: Partnerships which focus on themes of mutual interest to the participating organisations will be eligible for support from 2008.

Multilateral projects: These are projects aimed at improving training systems by focusing on the transfer of innovation involving the linguistic, cultural and legal adaptation to national needs of innovative products and processes developed in different contexts of innovation.

Networks of experts: Support may be provided for networks of experts and organisations working on specific issues related to vocational education and training.

How to apply

Most Leonardo activities in Ireland are managed by Léargas and all inquiries about eligibility and funding should be directed to it.

Where to apply


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