Practical arrangements after a death

Registering a death
Every death that takes place in Ireland must be recorded and registered. Find how to register a death and how to get a death certificate.

Funeral arrangements and costs
Information on standards in the Irish funeral industry, types of funerals and useful contacts.Updated with information about funerals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burials and burial grounds
Burial grounds (cemeteries) in Ireland are governed and maintained by local authorities. Maintenance, management and how to purchase a burial plot.

Cremation is an alternative to burial, when someone dies. In recent years cremation has become increasingly popular. Find out more.

Bringing a body to Ireland for burial or cremation
When someone dies abroad it is often difficult to know what to do. Find out here the steps to take to bring a body home for burial or cremation

Sending a body from Ireland for burial or cremation abroad
Before the body of a deceased person can be sent out of Ireland, certain formalities must be followed. Find out more.

Checklist of things to do following a bereavement
It can be difficult to deal with the many things that have to be done when someone close to you dies. This checklist will help you to avoid overlooking the key items.