Telecommunications and postal services

Postal services
Postal services are regulated by ComReg and provided by a number of operators including An Post which is the designated universal service provider.

A national postcode system known as Eircode has been introduced. All residential and business addresses have been given a unique new Eircode.

Fixed line telephone services
Telecommunication services in Ireland are regulated by ComReg. Find out here how to choose your fixed line telephone service provider.

Mobile telephone networks
The choice for consumers of mobile phone and other mobile services in Ireland has never been so great. This document explains some of the services provided by telephone service providers and your rights when accessing these services.

Connecting to the internet
More and more Irish homes now access the internet. This document directs you to information on internet service providers and internet safety.

Regulation of premium rate telephone services
Premium rate telephone services in Ireland are regulated. Find out how the rights of citizens are protected, regardless of whether these services originate in or are provided in Ireland or abroad.

Dealing with unsolicited direct marketing
The law in Ireland sets down rights for individuals who would prefer not to receive junk mail. Find out about the Mailing Preference Service, and your rights.

Dealing with unwanted telephone sales calls
‘Cold calling’ means that you receive unwanted sales calls in your home from companies that you have not had any dealings with until that time. FInd out how to register your preference not to receive ‘cold calls’ using the National Directory Database.

How to stop unsolicited email and text messages
One of the most common problems affecting people with email accounts is unsolicited commercial email, also known as SPAM. This document explains the law in Ireland and the EU regarding your rights when dealing with unsolicited or offensive emails and text messages.

Making a complaint about telecommunications or postal services
ComReg deals with unresolved complaints about telecommunications or postal services. Find out how and when to make a complaint.
This document is in: Consumer Complaints

Online safety for adults and children
This document explains some of the risks and dangers online, and how you can keep yourself and your child safe.