Television Licences
Public Service broadcasting in Ireland is funded by the fee from your television licence. What is a television licence and how much does it cost?

Making a complaint about a TV or radio programme
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) evaluates and judges complaints about TV and radio programmes broadcast in Ireland.

Making a complaint about a newspaper or magazine
The Press Ombudsman resolves complaints made about Irish newspapers or magazines quickly and free of charge.

Censorship of publications
Publications and periodicals in Ireland are still subject to censorship. This document provides an overview of the current legal situation regarding censorship and discusses how certain publications can be prohibited.

Censorship of films
The Irish Film Classification Office examines all films and videos intended for public viewing in Ireland to see if they are fit to be viewed by the public and classifies films and videos according to their suitability for different age groups.

Censorship of video and DVD recordings
Videos and DVD recordings in Ireland are subject to censorship. The Irish Film Classification Office is responsible for examining all video and DVD recordings for sale or distribution in Ireland.