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Natural gas can be used for domestic central heating, cooking, real flame fires or tumble-drying. In addition, natural gas has a range of applications for business customers. It is piped underground and connected to properties so there is no need to store it. Over half a million homes and businesses are connected to natural gas.

Responsibility for the natural gas pipeline infrastructure lies with Ervia (formerly Bord Gáis Éireann), a State body, wholly owned by the Government. It is a multi-utility company, responsible for strategic national gas and water services and related infrastructure.

The gas supply market in has been gradually opened to competition in recent years. Since July 2004 all business users have been able to choose their own supplier. Since July 2007 residential customers have been able to choose their gas supplier.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities licenses gas suppliers. It also has information for electricity and natural gas customers on its website.

Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland (formerly Bord Gáis Networks) is a division of Ervia and has responsibility for developing, maintaining and operating the natural gas transmission and distribution networks. Gas is brought from gas fields off the coast, and from the North Sea gas fields through sub-sea interconnector pipelines. Gas Networks Ireland connects all customers to its network regardless of which gas supply company you use. It also provides site works services to customers who wish to have their gas connection altered in some way. Natural gas is then transported through pipelines around the country and is available in most towns and cities. You can find out if natural gas is available to you, getting connected and the costs involved.

Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for all gas network safety and maintenance. It carries out regular safety awareness promotions each year to highlight the key issues concerning natural gas and safety to both natural gas customers and to the general public. Its safety campaigns include:

  • Raising the awareness of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • What to do in the event someone smells natural gas at home or on the street
  • The importance of servicing appliances

It also operates a 24 hour emergency service line Lo-Call 1850 205 050 which you should contact if you smell gas and suspect that gas is escaping.

Gas Meters

Gas Networks Ireland installs and reads the meters that measure the gas used in any premises. Three times a year, a Gas Networks Ireland meter reader will call to your home to record the amount of gas used since the meter was last read. These meter readings are then passed to your natural gas supplier, who uses the information to prepare your gas bill.

If the meter reader cannot gain access to the meter, a Sorry we missed you card is left for you to submit your reading. You can also submit your meter reading directly to your supplier.

Estimates of your gas usage are also made between meter readings or if the meter reader cannot gain access to the meter. To ensure that accurate estimates are made and that you receive an accurate bill, it is important that actual meter readings are taken.

When new meters are installed, they are located in external meter boxes. This permits the meter reader to record your gas usage without disturbing you. The meter box is locked and you have a key. You should keep this in a safe place and only open the box to:

  • Check your meter reading
  • Turn off the gas at the meter if you smell gas at home

If you have a meter box but do not have a key, you should contact Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694, and one will be sent to you.

Older meters may be located inside your home. You should ensure that the meter reader has clear and easy access to the meter.

Meters are the property of Gas Networks Ireland and must not be interfered with in any way. Interference with a meter is prohibited by law and offenders can be prosecuted.

Natural Gas Suppliers

Residential customers can choose their gas supplier. You can view a full list of natural gas suppliers on the Regulator's website.

Opening and closing a gas supply account

If you are moving into a property which has natural gas installed you should contact a gas supplier to find out the supplier’s terms and conditions for supply and to get an application form.

To ensure accurate billing by your supplier, it is recommended that a meter reading is taken when the previous occupier moves out or when you move in. To avoid the meter being locked or disconnected before you take occupancy, you should give as much advance notice as possible of the handover.

You are not liable for any gas used by the previous occupier, however if you have an outstanding gas bill from a previous address you may have to pay this bill to avoid interruption of the supply.

If you are an existing natural gas customer and you are moving home or wish to close your account, contact your supplier to find out what to do.

If you are moving out of your home, it is recommended that you call your supplier in advance with a closing meter reading, your new address and the name of the new occupant (if known). If you do not do this you will be responsible for any gas used at the premises.

Changing supplier

If you want to change supplier you should contact your new supplier with details of your meter number and a meter reading. You will be talked through the switching process by the supplier who will then process your application. More information on switching is available on the Regulator's website.

Codes of Practice and Customer Charters

Gas suppliers are required by law to produce Codes of Practice outlining their services to customers. These cover:

  • Billing
  • Bill payment and arrears
  • Disconnection
  • Marketing
  • Complaints handling
  • Services for customers with special needs

Gas suppliers are also required to produce Customer Charters with guaranteed service levels for their customers. Information on codes of practice is available here.

Gas Networks Ireland also has a Customer Charter and Codes of Practice covering various aspects of its business.

Contact information

Emergency 24 Hour Service LoCall (Gas Escapes): Lo-Call 1850 205 050.

Gas Networks Ireland

PO Box 51
Gasworks Road

Tel: (021) 453 4000
Locall: 1850 200 694
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