Commission for Regulation of Utilities


The regulator for the electricity and natural gas markets in Ireland is the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). It was initially established in 1999 under the Electricity Regulation Act 1999. Since then it has had additional functions added to it under other legislation, such as under the Gas (Interim) (Regulation) Act 2002. Under the Water Services Act 2013, it is the regulator for public water and wastewater services. Under the Energy Act 2016, the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) was required to change its name to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities to reflect all aspects of its expanded role.

Role of CRU

CRU promotes competition in the electricity and natural gas sectors. It also protects the interests of customers, especially the disadvantaged and the elderly, by ensuring that standards of services are set and codes of practices are in place.

CRU licences electricity and natural gas companies and sets performance standards which it enforces. It tries to ensure that the supply of natural gas and electricity to customers is safe, secure and reliable.

Along with the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR) CRU runs the All-Island Project, the aim of which is to create a single market for natural gas and electricity on the island of Ireland.

Consumer complaints

The CRU has established an Energy Customers Team to assist customers who are having issues with their supplier or network operator. The Energy Customers Team provides an independent complaints resolution service for customers who have used their supplier or network operator’s complaints handling process and are not satisfied with the outcome.

More information can be found on the Commission’s website.


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