Safety of Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment is any device or appliance designed to protect against health and safety hazards in your daily activities. Personal protective equipment covers a broad range of items from simple devices like sunglasses, bicycle helmets and reflective jackets to chemical hazard suits and safety harnesses.

A specific law (S.I. No 272 of 1993 EC (Personal Protective Equipment) Regulations, 1993) (as amended) covers these items. The law states that all personal protective equipment must preserve health and ensure the safety of users. Personal protective equipment must not harm other people, domestic animals or property. All of these items should be properly maintained by the user and used for their intended purposes. Attached warnings and instructions should always be followed.

The law covers all personal protective equipment whether it is used in the home, for leisure purposes or at work. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has responsibility to check that personal protective equipment used in leisure pursuits or in the home complies with the law. The Health and Safety Authority Monitors all personal protective equipment used in business and industry.

The use of safety equipment on any mechanically-propelled pleasure craft is covered by the Merchant Shipping (Mechanically Propelled Pleasure Craft) (Safety) Regulations, 2001 and the Merchant Shipping (Pleasure Craft) (Lifejackets and Operation) (Safety) Regulations 2004. This includes motorboats, powerboats, fast powerboats (those than can travel at a speed of 17 knots) and personal watercraft, commonly referred to as jet skis. You can read more about personal protective equipment on pleasure craft here.

The European Commission has information on personal protective equipment on its website.

Where To Apply

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

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Tel: (01) 402 5555 or 402 5500
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Health and Safety Authority

The Metropolitan Building
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Opening Hours: Lines open Friday 9am - 12.30pm
Tel: (01) 614 7000
Locall: 1890 28 93 89
Fax: (01) 614 7020

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