Consumer Rights

Your rights as a consumer in Ireland
In Ireland, the rights of consumers are protected by Irish and EU laws. Consumer legislation is described here along with information about deposits and redress mechanisms.

Your rights when you buy a service
Many different services are on offer to consumers. Here we give general guidelines that may help you to avoid problems when you purchase a service.

Consumer Protection Act 2007
The Consumer Protection Act put the EU Directive on unfair commercial practices into national law and it made various changes to consumer legislation

Consumer protection organisations
There are a number of statutory and voluntary consumer bodies to inform you of your rights as a consumer. This section describes the main organisations that can advise you of your rights as a consumer.

Consumer rights in the European Union
All consumers purchasing goods in the EU are entitled to some basic rights. Find out about your rights if you buy goods from or in another EU member state.

Shopping from home
This document discusses the rules governing distance selling, whether it involves selling via the Internet, e-mail, fax, telephone, mail order. It tells you what your rights are when you shop online.

Unfair terms in consumer contracts
An unfair term in a standard consumer contract is a term that is significantly weighted against the consumer. See what protection there is for consumers from unfair terms in contracts.

Unfair commercial practices
The EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive deals with unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices. The Consumer Protection Act 2007 provides for its implementation in Ireland.

Consumer hire agreements
In Ireland, a consumer hire agreement is an agreement between a customer and a financial institution or a finance company. Find out about your rights and rules regarding consumer hire agreements.

Guarantees on Goods and Services
A guarantee supplements your consumer rights but can be useful if you receive an item as a gift. There may be a charge for an extended warranty but you should not feel obliged to buy one.

A deposit is a sum of money paid to a retailer or supplier of services to indicate an intention to buy a product or service. Find out what the rules are with regard to deposits.

Consumer advertising
Consumers in Ireland and the EU are protected from false or misleading advertising. Find out what the rules are governing advertisers and what to do if you have been deceived by an advert.

Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland
The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland is an independent regulatory body set up to ensure that all advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful.

Consumer protection codes and mortgages
Mortgage lenders must adhere to codes of conduct when dealing with customers. Find out more.
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Credit notes
Find out about your rights and rules around credit notes.

Gift vouchers
Find out about your rights when you buy a gift voucher.