Consumer Complaints

Consumer complaints
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is an independent body established by law to protect the rights of consumers. Find out about consumer complaints procedures.

How to make a consumer complaint
Buying goods or services in Ireland provides certain rights under Irish consumer legislation. Tips on how to complain effectively.

Replacements, refunds and credit notes
If you buy unfit or faulty goods and you complain successfully to the retailer you are entitled to a replacement, a repair or a refund. This document explains what your rights are with regard to refunds.

Small claims procedure
The small claims procedure provides an inexpensive, fast and easy way for consumers to resolve disputes without a solicitor. Find out how the procedure operates.
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Alternative dispute resolution
You may be able to resolve a dispute that you have with a company using alternative dispute resolution. This document describes what alternative dispute resolution is and how it might be useful to Irish consumers.

Where to complain about home building or home improvements
Many professions are involved in home improvements, here you will find information on the various organisations that deal with trades and professions involved in home building or home improvements in Ireland.

Making a complaint about telecommunications or postal services
ComReg deals with unresolved complaints about telecommunications or postal services. Find out how and when to make a complaint.

Making a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limousine
The vast majority of taxi, hackney or limousine drivers operate safe, efficient services. Find out how to make a complaint about bad service.
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Making a complaint about a financial service provider
The Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman ensures that unresolved complaints from customers of financial service providers are investigated, mediated and adjudicated fairly. Find out more about the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman.

Where to complain about a professional and others
Many professions and skills groups have professional bodies to represent their interests. Find out here about making complaints about a solicitor, barrister, teacher, accountant or a counsellor or therapist to their professional organisations.

Where to complain about medical professionals
The medical professions in Ireland have regulatory bodies to promote high standards of professional conduct, maintain a register of qualified personnel and investigate allegations of professional misconduct or fitness to practice.

Disputes with financial institutions in other EU countries
FIN-NET is a mechanism that allows unresolved cross-border disputes between you and your financial service provider to be solved quickly and easily.
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