Consumer laws

Your rights as a consumer in Ireland
Irish and EU laws give you strong consumer rights when you buy a product or service. Find out about your rights and what to do if things go wrong.

Consumer rights in the EU
When buying products or services from a trader based in the EU/EEA, you have strong protections under consumer law. Find out more about these rights and what to do if things go wrong.

Consumer Protection Act 2007
The Consumer Protection Act 2007 created a national enforcement body and updated consumer legislation to include rules against unfair commercial practices.

Consumers in Ireland and the EU are protected from false or misleading advertising. Find out what the rules are covering advertising and who monitors and enforces those rules.

Online safety
This document explains some of the risks and dangers online, and how you can keep yourself and your child safe.

Unfair contract terms
When you buy products or services you are entering into a contract. Standard consumer contracts cannot include terms that give the seller an unfair advantage or take away your consumer rights. Find out more about unfair contract terms.

Unfair commercial practices
The EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive protects you against unfair, misleading and aggressive practices that are likely to affect your buying decision. Find out more about the rules on unfair practices.

Product safety
There are rules in the EU and Ireland to ensure products are safe to use. This document explains product bans, mandatory safety standards and product recalls.

Product labelling
There are specific standards in the EU and Ireland on the information that product labels must show. Find out the rules that apply to manufacturers and how your rights are protected.

Consumer protection organisations
There are a number of statutory consumer bodies and regulators who have a role to protect consumers. This document describes the main organisations that can advise you of your rights as a consumer.