Common consumer problems

Problem with a used car
You have legal rights if you bought a used car and something has gone wrong. You may be entitled to a repair or some or all of your money back. Find out about your rights when you buy a used car from a car dealer, at auction or from a private seller.

Company gone out of business
Find out about how to check whether a company has gone out of business and whether you can claim money owed to you.

Buying a service
Find out about your rights when you hire someone to perform a service and what you can do if you are not happy with the work done.

How to avoid scams
Scams come in many forms and can result in you losing money or giving away personal information. Find out how to recognise, avoid and take action against scams.

How to stop junk mail, spam and unwanted texts and calls
Find out what your rights are around direct marketing and how to stop junk mail, spam and unwanted calls or texts.

Repairs, replacements and refunds
If something you buy turns out to be faulty you may be entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund. This document explains what your rights are.
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Shipping and delivery
This document explains your rights and some of the most common consumer problems with late or non-delivery, items damaged or lost and additional costs.