Youth Information Centres


Youth Information Centres are centres located around Ireland that provide free, confidential information for young people and for people who work with young people. They hold information on subjects like education, employment, careers, rights and entitlements, sport, leisure, travel and European opportunities for young people. The network of Youth Information Centres is funded by the Youth Affairs Unit of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

Amongst the resources that Youth Information Centres have are newspapers, guidebooks, leaflets, factsheets, videos, noticeboards and computer databases. Some centres can provide you with Internet access, a low cost CV preparation service, European Youth Cards and Hostelling cards. It is possible to have your particular query dealt with in private by Youth Information Centre staff.

In general, Youth Information Centres do not produce their own leaflets, except for some localised information. Most of their material comes from other statutory and voluntary agencies. Youth Information Centre staff co-operate with statutory and voluntary agencies and may refer you to them if they cannot satisfy your query.

Outreach activities

Youth Information Centres also provide a range of outreach activities aimed at bringing information to young people through information points, publications, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, schools and youth club work, and the local radio and press.


Youth Information Centres are open to all young people and people who work with young people.


There are no charges for receiving information from Youth Information Centres. However, there may be a minimal charge for photocopies.

How to apply

You can drop in to a Youth Information Centre (pdf) for help with a specific query or just to browse and see what information it has. You can also ring or e-mail the centre if you have a quick, easily answered query.

Page edited: 10 May 2019