Youth Information Centres

What is a Youth Information Centre?

Youth Information Centres offer a free, confidential information service to young people in Ireland, specifically people aged 12-25.

For example, they can answer questions about:

  • College courses, apprenticeships and other types of education
  • Getting a job and starting a career
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Your rights and entitlements
  • Sport and leisure activities
  • Travel options
  • European opportunities for young people
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Bullying and building healthy relationships

Read more about the services available from your local Youth Information Centre below.

Youth Information Centres are open to all young people, as well as people who work with young people. They are run by Youth Work Ireland, and are funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

What services are available?

If you need information about any of the topics listed above, you can contact a Youth Information Centre. At the centre, trained staff can:

  • Answer your questions
  • Interpret any confusing information and help you to understand it better
  • Refer you to other voluntary or State organisations if you need specialised advice

Many of the centres also offer a low-cost CV preparation service for young people looking for a job. They can also help you type an application letter for potential employers.

You may be able to print or photocopy items for a small fee.

Some Youth Information Centres also offer a range of application forms, such as the passport form, Student Travel Card form, and the EHIC form (previously called the E111 form).

Other resources

Other resources at the Youth Information Centre include:

  • Information leaflets
  • Factsheets
  • Guidebooks
  • Noticeboards, including job vacancies
  • Internet access
  • Computer databases

Outreach activities

Youth Information Centres provide an outreach service to young people through local schools and youth clubs, as well as workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Contact your local Youth Information Centre

There are many ways to contact your local Youth Information Centre.

In person

You can visit a Youth Information Centre to ask about a specific query, to browse their information leaflets, or to use their computer services. Find the address of your nearest Youth Information Centre on the Youth Work Ireland website.

By phone or email

Each Youth Information Centre in Ireland has its own direct phone line and email address. Find contact information for your nearest centre on pages 13-14 of Youth Work Ireland’s booklet (pdf).

Or, you can call the main Youth Work Ireland office on (01) 858 4500.


If you are aged 16-25, you can contact Youth Work Ireland using their online chat service. The service is open from 4pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also follow Youth Work Ireland on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you need urgent mental health support, text SPUNOUT to 50808 to start an anonymous conversation with a trained volunteer. This service is available 24/7.

Page edited: 4 August 2021