Services and supports for children

Health and medical services for children
The general entitlement of children to health services in Ireland and the specific services available.
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Early childhood education
Information on childhood education, including the role of the Department of Education.
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Caring for a child with a disability
Find out what supports and services are available to parents, guardians and carers of children with disabilities
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Children in care
The primary legislation regulating child care policy is the Child Care Act 1991 which brought in considerable changes in relation to children in care. Find out more here

Child abuse and child protection
What is child abuse? To whom do I report suspicions of child abuse? Find out here.

International child abduction
International child abduction occurs when a child is unlawfully removed from a country or unlawfully retained in a country. Find out what you should do if you think your child is at risk and where to get help.

Youth Information Centres and Services
Youth Information Centres and Services provide free, confidential information for young people and for people who work with young people.

Recreational activities for young people
The overall objective of the National Recreation Policy for Young People is to provide a framework for the promotion of appropriate recreational opportunities for young people between the ages of 12 and 18. Find out more.
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Tusla - the Child and Family Agency
Tusla - the Child and Family Agency - is the State agency responsible for improving the well-being and outcomes for children.