Problems in marriages and other relationships

Safety orders, protection orders and barring orders in Ireland
Irish law provides protection for those living in violent or abusive situations in the home. Find out about safety orders, protection orders and barring orders and who can apply.

Property rights and the breakdown of a relationship
This page explains whether spouses and cohabiting partners have any property rights following the breakdown of their relationship.

Redress scheme for cohabiting couples
What is the redress scheme for cohabitants and who qualifies?

How to change your name
How do I change my name? How do I change my name by deed poll? This page explains the process.

Sharing of intimate images without consent
This document provides information about criminal liability for the sharing of intimate images. It includes detail about the kinds of images that may be considered intimate and the specific offences for which you may be charged.
This document is in: Criminal offences

Elder abuse
Elder abuse is the abuse of someone aged 65 or over. Find out what it is and what help is available.

Tusla - the Child and Family Agency
Tusla - the Child and Family Agency - is the State agency responsible for improving the well-being and outcomes for children.
This document is in: Services and supports for children

Living together and marriage: what are the legal differences?
If your relationship ends, your rights can depend on whether you and your partner are married or not. Find out more.
This document is in: Cohabiting couples

Nullity of marriage
Nullity of marriage in Irish law means that a court has declared that your supposed marriage is null and void. Find out more.

Spotting the signs of an abusive relationship
Abuse can happen to anyone at any age and in any type of relationship. Find out how to recognise the signs and where to get help.