Married couples

How marriage changes your legal status
Marriage has many far-reaching legal consequences. There are various areas of your life in which being married will affect your entitlements and obligations.

Guardianship status of fathers
A father who is married to the mother of his child has automatic guardianship rights of his child. Unmarried fathers do not have automatic rights.

Marital status and inheritance
Describes how being married or in a civil partnership affects your inheritance rights.

Marital status and social welfare entitlements
In certain situations, married couples in Ireland may be entitled to certain social welfare benefits not available to unmarried people. Find out more information and where to apply.

Taxation of married people and civil partners
There are three ways in which you can be taxed as a married person. Explore the options and find out how to apply.
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Residence rights of family members
People who live in Ireland can apply to have for their family to live with them.
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