Getting married

Getting married
Getting married is a big step and will significantly impact on lots of areas in your life. Find out about the legal requirements and procedures involved in getting married in Ireland and abroad.

Legal implications of a broken engagement
When an engaged couple decide not to marry, are there any implications for gifts they have jointly received? What are the rules on property? Find out more here.

Pre-nuptial agreements
A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement entered into by a couple before they get married. Find out more.

Legal requirements for marriage
This document describes the legal requirements that both parties must fulfil in order to have the legal capacity to marry each other.

Notification requirements for marriage
This section outlines the notification procedure which both parties to a marriage must fulfil in order to be legally entitled to marry.

Different types of marriage ceremony in Ireland
There are 3 different ways to legally marry in Ireland.

Religious and secular marriage ceremonies
Description of religious and secular marriage ceremonies and the rules that apply to all marriage ceremonies in Ireland.

Civil marriage ceremonies
Getting married by Civil Ceremony (in a Registry Office) in Ireland, including notification of the Registrar.

Registration of marriage
How do you register a marriage in Ireland and how and where to get a copy of your marriage certificate.

Getting married abroad
Information for Irish citizen(s) planning to get married abroad.