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Public transport

Bus services
Public bus transport services offer services on a wide range of routes throughout the country. Information on routes, timetables and fares.

Rail services
Public transport rail services are operated by Iarnrod Eireann, a State company. Information about services, routes, fares and accessibility.

Luas tram system.
Luas is a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system (a public transport tram system) that operates in Dublin, Ireland. Information on Luas routes, services and fares is provided.

Public transport commuter tickets and tax
The TaxSaver Commuter Ticket Scheme, which involves employers providing employees with bus and rail commuter tickets, allows employees to benefit from reduced tax and PRSI payments and employers to benefit from reduced PRSI payments.

Regulation of taxis and small public service vehicles
Taxis and other small public service vehicles are regulated by law. What is the difference between a taxi, hackney and limosuine and who regulates them?

Charges for taxi, hackney and limousine services
There are rules about how fares for taxi, hackney and limosuine services are charged.

Duties of drivers of Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs)
There are rules about the conduct and duties of drivers of taxis, hackneys and limousine drivers. Find out more here.

Duties of passengers of small public service vehicles
Passengers must obey certain rules when travelling in taxis, hackneys and limousines. Find out what your duties are and in what circumstances a driver may refuse to pick you up.

Making a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limousine
The vast majority of taxi, hackney or limousine drivers operate safe, efficient services. Find out how to make a complaint about bad service.



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