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Signing off when you start work


You may get Jobseeker's Allowance, Jobseeker's Benefit or credits if you are registered as unemployed.

If you are registered as unemployed (in other words, signing-on with the Department of Social Protection), you should inform your local social welfare office of the date when you are going to start work. In some areas you can do this online.

Notifying your local social welfare office about when you are going to start work will ensure that you can get any payment due to you up to the date you start work.

You can also get advice about possibly keeping some of your existing benefits and supports when you return to work.

When you start work you may be entitled to additional benefits, for example, Family Income Supplement (FIS). You can get more information from your local social welfare office and in our document 'Help with low pay in Ireland'.

Page updated: 31 August 2010



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